XNU (OSX kernel) VM scanner marks vnodes as (vp->v_flag & VHASBEENPAGED). write(2) path checks for this and sends all dirty pages for this vnode down the pipe if this flags is set. Reason:

 * this vnode had pages cleaned to it by
 * the pager which indicates that either
 * it's not very 'hot', or the system is
 * being overwhelmed by a lot of dirty
 * data being delayed in the VM cache...
 * in either event, we'll push our remaining
 * delayed data at this point... this will
 * be more efficient than paging out 1 page at
 * a time, and will also act as a throttle
 * by delaying this client from writing any
 * more data until all his delayed data has
 * at least been queued to the uderlying driver.

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